Fig LEAF for Cut ORGANIC Loose Herbal TEA Ficus carica, 50g

Out Of Stock Fig LEAF for Cut ORGANIC Loose Herbal TEA Ficus carica, 50g

Benefit #1: High fiber content

Since figs possess a large amount of fiber, people who are obese and feel the need to drop a few pounds will find that in consuming figs, one can actually pursue an effective weight management program.

Benefit #2: Helps those with Diabetes

While one can consider that dealing with diabetes is indeed a tough ask, some cultures actually use fig leaves for its anti-diabetic properties, as the consumption of these leaves reduce the need for insulin injections when it comes to these patients.

Benefit #3: Lowers High Blood pressure

If you are used to consuming packaged foods, researchers have found that the excess sodium in these foods can be one reason why one can get hypertension, and which leads to blood pressure in the long run. Figs, on the other hand, are known to have high levels of potassium, a mineral that is effective in lowering and controlling high blood pressure.

Benefit #4: Increases bone density

Not only are figs rich in calcium, promoting bone density, but they also prevent the loss of urinary calcium which also prevents bones from thinning out.

Besides fasting, you must stay on the Dr. Sebi Approved Diet Plan and watch your diet carefully.  But there are other things that will help diabetes too.

Fig Leaves and Mulberry Leaves and Black Seeds are the top suggested alternatives.  Black Seeds were researched and shown that as little as 2 teaspoons of powder a day was enough to reverse diabetes. 

Fig leaves are the top sold leaf today for diabetes from a study that was conducted in 1998.  Mulberry leaves are the number one remedy used in the Middle East for Diabetics.  You can easily add in some whole black seeds to your herbal teas.

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