Lily Of The Valley LEAF Cut ORGANIC Loose Dried HERB Convallaria majalis, 25g+

Lily Of The Valley LEAF Cut ORGANIC Loose Dried HERB Convallaria majalis, 25g+

Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis, clochette des bois, constancy, convallaria, convallaria herba, convall-lily, gazon de parnasse, Jacob’s ladder, ladder-to-heaven, our lady’s tears) has antiangiogenic, antitumor, and diuretic properties. Lily of the valley has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine primarily as a heart tonic to treat heart failure and irregular heartbeat. Lily of the valley’s action is similar to the drug Digitalis, but it is natural, less concentrated, and therefore less powerful. It is used to treat heart debility and dropsy. It promotes increased oxygen delivery to the heart, reduces blood pressure, and relaxes a weak heart to beat more slowly and efficiently while increasing its power.

Origin: Europe, Northern Asia

General dose: 1 tablespoon of infusion daily

(It is difficult to find a commercial bottled product, because lily of the valley is administered by a professional herbalist or medical practitioner. An infusion of lily of the valley is made from adding from 1⁄2 oz. of the herb to one pint of boiling water. The infusion is allowed to steep until it is cool. It is stored preferably in an

airtight glass container in a cool, dark place. It is better not to strain the herb, but to shake the mixture and use a tablespoon of the mixture.)

(Medical caution: should be used only under professional supervision. Lily of the valley shouldn’t be taken with pharmaceutical medicines and can interfere with heart

medications. Not recommended for women who are pregnant.)

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