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Quassia Wood (Bark) Powder (Quassia amara) 28

 Quassia Wood (Bark) Powder (Quassia amara) 28
 Quassia Wood (Bark) Powder (Quassia amara) 28
 Quassia Wood (Bark) Powder (Quassia amara) 28
 Quassia Wood (Bark) Powder (Quassia amara) 28
Quassia Wood (Bark) Powder (Quassia amara) 28
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Hombre grande (Picrasma excelsa, Quassia amara L., quassia, cuassia mara, Jamaican quassia, amargo, bitter ash, bitter bark, bitter wood) has antifungal, antiulcer, antimalarial, anticancer, and insecticide properties. Hombre grande has been used in traditional medicine topically to treat measles and orally to treat constipation and diarrhea, intestinal parasite infections, and fever. It is used to stimulate the digestive tract and bile production, increase appetite, cleanse blood, and stimulate enzyme production. Hombre grande helps re-balance the flora in the digestive tract to support the immune system.


Origin: The Caribbean, Jamaica, Central and South America General commercial dose: One 450 mg capsule General dosage: One capsule three times daily (Traditionally this herb was made into a tincture because it is made from the bark of the plant. Grinders are used now to make a powder that can be taken in capsule form or in hot water.)


(Medical caution: not recommended for women who are pregnant. Antifertility properties have been shown to reduce testes size and sperm size in a laboratory setting. Men who are planning to make a baby should avoid using hombre grande. You should not take hombre grande beyond the recommended dosage or for a long, continuous amount of time.)

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