People frequently want to know what Dr. Sebi has said about treating herpes, how he approaches the condition, and which Dr. Sebi products are best for doing so.

Dr. Sebi was quite open about his opinions on illnesses and what he believed was required to cure each ailment. In terms of healing, he adopted a therapeutic and cellular strategy, and herpes was no exception. Dr. Sebi has discussed healing herpes in numerous talks and interviews. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez was one of his most well-known patients who was addressed in this context (former member of TLC).

How was the herpes virus healed by Dr. Sebi? only by nourishing and cleansing the body. The steps based on Dr. Sebi's method of healing are listed below.

1. Quit eating altogether and cease adding acidic foods into your body.

2. Using alkaline herbs to cleanse the body of toxins and acids (which also boosts cell oxygenation); AND

3. Giving the body nutrition to strengthen, rebuild, and repair cells.

Detoxification is at the heart of ridding the body of the herpes virus – there is no other way that will bring the necessary results.

Dr. Sebi’s approved herbs for herpes click here 

Herbs and an alkaline diet

The procedure of curing herpes requires an alkaline diet. Dr. Sebi has emphasized the significance of this and the necessity of avoiding, as he puts it, "blood and starch," or animal flesh, which includes all types of meat, fish, and starchy carbohydrates. Even some of the foods in Dr. Sebi's diet list or nutritional guidance should be avoided when it comes to treating herpes, so it is necessary to go beyond this. Why? only because certain foods are more therapeutic than others.

However, you want a diet that is as alkaline and purifying as possible. Dr. Sebi emphasized that his list includes of foods that are thought to be "least damaging." This is why Dr. Sebi believed that fasting was such a crucial component of healing since it gave the body a break from the consumption of foods that produce acid and mucus, allowing for the start of cleansing and an increase in the amount of oxygen reaching the cells. Use this time to consume alkaline herbs that will not only aid in cleansing but will also refuel and nourish the body while boosting immunity.

What should you actually do?
1. Do not eat prepared food.
2. Eliminate all foods that cause acidity from your diet.
3. Fast for a time, consuming only the herbs and water (if this is difficult for you add green juices).
4. After a period of fasting, only eat foods from the nutritional guidance, which of course includes fresh green juices. mostly juices made from your lush green vegetables that are green. The healing process will normally be quicker and more successful when eating a less-solid diet while cleansing and detoxifying.
5. Restart eating just items from the nutritional advice once you have gotten rid of herpes from your body.

How long does herpes treatment take?

When this question was posed to Dr. Sebi, he answered it rather correctly, saying that it depended on the body's level of toxicity, weight, fluid, and overall health. Everyone has a varied amount of health, and because everyone's health is different, everyone's healing time will also be variable.

How committed are you?

You can detox herpes from the body but your result will depend on your level of commitment to the process. Herpes isn’t the easiest virus to get rid of because it takes up residence in the spinal cord of our central nervous system and sometimes lying dormant there for a long time. Your body literally has to ‘wake it up’ and escort it out. The body must become inhospitable to the herpes virus. An alkaline body is indeed necessary – that’s the Dr. Sebi way – making the body alkaline by cleansing and feeding the body with alkaline herbs and an alkaline diet, but preferably fasting to become herpes free.

Food on Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide best to eat: fruits, vegetables – citruses, watermelon, mangoes, berries, leafy greens etc. Food on Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide to avoid while healing from herpes: Grains, nuts, and seeds.