Describe Hepatitis C. When the liver is laden with what and has become so toxic? with starch and poisoned blood. So, we wash it and the body. You must clean your intestines, liver, and blood.

– Dr. Sebi.

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What is the Liver?

The liver is the largest organ inside your body. It weighs about 3 pounds and has hundreds of different functions related to:

Creating and cleaning blood.

Removing toxins and impurities.

Storing energy.

Producing hormones.

Preventing infections.

Absorbing and storing nutrients.

Because the liver is such a crucial organ, when it stops functioning properly, we can become seriously ill. Amazingly, the liver has the ability to fully regenerate itself; when a person donates half of their liver for a transplant, the liver grows back to its full size in just two weeks!

Decades of Data

Every year, 2 million people die from liver disease, which accounts for 3.5% of all fatalities worldwide. Most of the time, this could be avoided. Both prescription medicines and alcohol can harm the liver and its capacity to function.

Diabetes and obesity are risk factors for liver damage, and "non-alcoholic fatty liver disease" has significantly increased recently. The liver contains 10% fat, and when this percentage rises (mostly as a result of artificial sugars), the liver becomes fatty and inflammatory.

Due to the liver's capacity for regeneration, over 50% of all liver problems are asymptomatic and go untreated. Even when there is a severe issue or injury, liver function tests can still show a normal result. Early stages of diseases like cirrhosis, which causes liver scarring, and hepatitis, which causes liver inflammation, frequently go unnoticed.

According to the medical model of liver health, a healthy liver "catch[s]" a virus and "suddenly gets sick[]" with a particular type of viral inflammation, such as Hepatitis C. However, a good liver can regenerate, thus someone with less than half of a liver can still live a long and healthy life.

So, what’s really going on?

“What is Hepatitis C? The liver has been stressed!” – Dr. Sebi.

Processing Toxicity

The liver functions as a system for digesting nutrients and waste. However, due to its limited capacity, the liver cannot function properly if it is overworked or not given enough nutrients.

The liver's two-phase response to poisoning is as follows:

The first stage stops the toxin from doing more harm.

The second stage gets the poison ready to leave the body.

In order to activate seven separate detox pathways, both stages require antioxidants as well as a variety of minerals, plant-based flavonoids, and nutrients. Inflammation is caused by a lack of nutrients, an excess of toxins, or poisons that the body doesn't "recognize" and that it would prefer to get rid of.

Excess and unfamiliar toxins are ‘dumped’ into fat cells to reduce the damage they could cause. Obesity is a buildup of toxicity, not calories – you won’t get obese on a diet of raw organic avocados, no matter how many you eat!

The harsh truth is that we are exposed to more and more toxins from our environment, and due to industrialized farming practices, crops are grown with fewer and fewer minerals, antioxidants, and flavonoids. The build-up of toxicity, combined with malnutrition, is having a devastating impact on liver health.

Hepatitis Epidemic

Hepatitis cases have risen in the past ten years, but this is only the beginning of the inflammatory problem. Only 50% of instances of acute (initial) hepatitis progress to a life-threatening stage. In other words, liver issues don't manifest themselves until they are fairly severe.

Small-scale liver inflammation builds up over time until the body is unable to handle it. The liver can no longer fight itself against viral infection as it becomes slower and worse. Since Mother Nature designed the liver to be particularly capable... when we take care of it, it resists viral infections.

Two different age ranges—20–39 years and 50–69 years—show a considerable rise in liver damage and liver disease. Younger people consume more processed foods and are more prone to use both prescription and illicit substances, whereas older persons have more accumulated toxicity and take more prescription prescriptions.

Men are twice as likely as women to have liver disease (they typically drink and smoke more, and pay less attention to nutrition). Only half of the more than 1% of US individuals who have hepatitis are aware that they have a problem. The CDC estimates that 13.9 additional cases of hepatitis exist for every case that is reported or diagnosed.

Liver disease is also associated with anti-social behavior (toxicity and malnutrition stop you from thinking clearly and cleverly). This explains why prison inmates have much higher rates of hepatitis, and why their behavior improves dramatically with nutritional interventions.

Keep it Clean!

To ensure your liver doesn’t get overwhelmed you need to give it a helping hand:

Reduce toxicity by eating clean and avoiding chemicals. first you need to start with a fully body cleanse and detox with dr. sebi approved herbs while eating from his nutrition guide click here