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16 Jun Reasons Why You Should Eat Dates Every Day
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Reasons Why You Should Eat Dates Every Day   Dates are a staple ingredient in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. They are the sweet fruit from the date palm tree and one of the world’s..
16 Jun Top 8 Reasons to Cleanse Your Colon Naturally With Dr. Sebi Approved Herbs
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If you have been considering a colon cleanse, then stop procrastinating because there are several good reasons for removing the toxins from your body today with hydrotherapy. This might be the most im..
16 Jun Why Humans Are Frugivores And Should Only Eat Fruits
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Fruit is a magical food naturally low in calories and packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, fiber and most importantly, simple sugars. Simple Sugars found in raw fruits are the..
16 Jun Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Consuming Sea Moss Regularly
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Sea moss is a species of red algae that grows near the coast line in rocky areas of the Atlantic coast. In it’s natural state, color varies between brownish purple to greenish yellow. Below we have li..
16 Jun Curing Sickle Cell Anemia -The Dr. Sebi Approach
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The Foundation HerbsDr Sebi “Foundation herbs” is a set of herbs used to clean the liver, kidneys, and blood. These herbs provide a general cleaning to help relieve pressure put on the whole body by..
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    The Dr. Sebi Diabetes Cure is simple and takes very little money to do, but few will follow his plan.  His plan was simple. Just quit eating. You begin by abstaining from foods that you'..
16 Jun 8 Foods The Mainstream Promotes As Healthy – But They Really Aren’t
16 Jun 30 Day's Cleanse & Detox Fasting Program- Cleanse The Gut, Colon At Nights & Detox Liver, Blood & Kidney In The Day With Dr. Sebi Approved Herbs
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Family you will Cleansing & detoxifying your body for 30 day's, you will be cleansing your Gut, Colon At Nights & detoxifying your Liver, Blood & Kidney In The Day With Dr. Sebi Approved Herbs, please..
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