Chaste Tree (Vitex) Berry Powder Capsules (Vitex agnus castus) 510 mg - 30 count

Chaste Tree (Vitex) Berry Powder Capsules (Vitex agnus castus) 510 mg - 30 count

Chaste Tree


Chaste Tree (Vitex) Berry Powder Capsules (Vitex agnus castus)

100% Pure, No Fillers

510 mg

30 count

Also known as

Vitex agnus-castus, Chaste Berry, Monk's Berry, Vitex, Chastetree, Chinese Vitex, Gattilier, Hemp Tree, Monk's Pepper, Vitex, Texas Lilac, Vitex rotundifolia, Vitex trifolia, Viticis Fructus.


The chaste tree is a small shrub with lance shaped leaves and purple flowers. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean and has since been cultivated in temperate climates around the world. Its peppery fruit has been used for over two thousands years; at least since the time of the Greek physician Dioscorides who recommended it to help the wives of soldiers remain chaste while their husbands were in battle. The vitex berry was used by both men and women in ancient Greece and Rome, and by monks during the Middle Ages in order to suppress sexual desire. Pliny the Elder noted that Athenian maidens would put the leaves under their beds during the festival of Thesmophoria to help preserve their chastity.


Acubin, agnuside, casticin, chrysophanol D, alpha- and beta-pinene, isovitexin and vitexin.

Parts Used

Dried fruiting berry

Typical Preparations

Usually used as a tincture or in capsule form, however may be cracked and sprinkled on food, producing a slight pepper taste or as a tea infusion.



Men shouldn't take chaste berry. Testicular atrophy could result after repeated use. Binging on sugar, alcohol, or marijuana will block the herb's action on dopamine receptors in the brain and cancel out its effects. Not recommended while pregnant.

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1 Ounce (oz) = 28 Grams(gm) = 28000 Milligrams(mg)

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