The Thyroid, Goit,and Graves You are iodine deficiency 50g Each

The Thyroid, Goit,and Graves You are iodine deficiency 50g Each

Problems with the thyroid can be caused by:

iodine deficiency autoimmune diseases, in which your immune system attacks your own body, leading either to hyperthyroidism (caused by Graves’ disease) or hypothyroidism (caused by Hashimoto's disease) inflammation of the thyroid (which may or may not cause pain), caused by a virus or bacteria nodules, or non-cancerous lumps, inside the thyroid cancerous tumours on the thyroid gland

certain medical treatments, including radiation therapy, thyroid surgery, and some medicines some genetic disorders

If your body's immune system causes thyroid disease, other glands, including your ovaries, may be involved. Problems getting pregnant. When thyroid disease affects the menstrual cycle, it also affects ovulation. Problems during pregnancy.


Instruction: Boiled in small amount of spring water then blend and store in glass jar then use tea spoon in your sea moss smoothies  

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