ORGANIC dried MOTHERWORT, Cut & Sifted; Women's Health 2oz

ORGANIC dried MOTHERWORT, Cut & Sifted; Women's Health 2oz

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Organic Motherwort, Dried

You will receive the full weight of ounces chosen. The packaging is not included in that weight. Motherwort has many uses such as making tea, tinctures and taken capsuled for stress and overall woman's health. See Motherwort profile below.

Motherwort Profile


Motherwort is known as a woman's herb which is said to be helpful at many stages of life. It is used for menstrual cramps, nervous pain and heart palpitations. Many women experience stress related heart palpitations and anxiety during menopause, as well as delayed and "phantom" periods. Motherwort has been used for all these conditions, as well as a uterine tonic after childbirth.

Parts Used:

All the above-ground parts of the plant, gathered after flowering, dried, and cut.

Typical Preparations:

Traditionally used as a tea. Frequently combined with hawthorn. May also be taken as an extract or capsule.


Consult your physician before using this herb if you take prescription medication for your heart. Not recommended while pregnant.

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