7 Days Mucus , Toxin & Inflammation Remover With - Dr. Sebi 12 Approved Herbs In Powder 28g Each

-7% 7 Days  Mucus , Toxin & Inflammation Remover With - Dr. Sebi 12 Approved Herbs In Powder 28g Each

Herbs that you use in the morning period family, half teaspoon of each herbs in half cup of warm water:

Burdock Root Powder
Sarsaparilla Root Powder
Nettle Leaf Powder
Sea Moss Irish Moss Powder
Chaparral Powder
Kelp Powder

28g Burdock Root Powder —Blood purifier, liver cleanser, kidney cleanser, Lymphatic System Strengthener , Skin Healer, Defend Against Diabetes, Combat Cancer, Helps Treat an Enlarged Spleen, Fight Tonsillitis

28g Sarsaparilla Root Powder—Blood purifier diuretic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory , Contains Anti-Tumor and Cancer-Preventative Properties, Protects the Liver and Has Natural Diuretic, Detoxifying Abilities, Promotes Hormonal Balance, Helps Soothe Coughs, Fevers and Colds, Naturally Treats Skin Problems.

28g Nettle Leaf Powder- Detoxify the body, Promotes healthy blood circulation and cardiovascular health, Enlarged prostate, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Urinary Issues, Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain, Hay Fever, Bleeding, Eczema

28g Sea Moss Irish Moss Powder - Skin Health, Anti-Viral, Upper Respiratory Support, Antioxidants, Ulcers, Heart Health, High in Iodine, 

28g Chaparral Powder - Anti-inflammatory, relieves respiratory issues, FOR BACTERIAL INFECTIONS, FOR FUNGAL INFECTIONS, FOR ORAL HYGIENE, ARTHRITIS, CANCER, DETOXING, 

28g Kelp Powder - May Prevent or Treat Diabetes, Helps with Some Blood-Related Disorders, Slows the Growth of Many Types of Cancer, Natural Anti-Inflammatory, Great Source of Iodine

Herbs that you use in the night before bed family, half teaspoon of each herbs in half cup of warm water 

Damiana Powder
Red Clover Powder
Hydrangea Root 
Bladderwrack Powder
Yellow Dock Root 
Cascara Sagrada

28g Damiana Powder —Supports testosterone balance, relaxes anxiety, Mood Enhancement and Stress Reduction, Can Help Increase Libido/Sex Drive, May Help Fight Prevent and Diabetes, May Fight Infections, Can Help Lower Pain (Headaches, Stomach Aches, PMS, Etc.)

28g Red Clover Powder-Balances estrogen, relieves menopause, Breaks up waste in lymphatic system, blood purifier, Helps Maintain Bone Strength, Improves Cardiovascular Health, Lowers the Risk for Certain Cancers, Treats Skin Inflammation, Fights Respiratory Infections

28g Hydrangea Root Powder- Dissolves kidney stones, cleans lymphatic system, Reduces the size of an enlarged prostate, Prevents bladder infections by acting as a diuretic, Limits the appearance of urethral infections, Soothes the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and gout, Strengthens the immune system and prevents [4] autoimmune diseases, Prevents cystitis in women, Treats calcifications, Treats malaria

28g Bladderwrack Powder -Thyroid Improvement, Vision Health, Reduced Inflammation, Improved Digestion, Heart Health, 
Heart Health, Anti-aging Properties, Relieve Inflammation And Joint Pain, Treat Thrombosis

28g Yellow Dock Root Powder—Blood purifier, liver cleanser, kidney cleanser, Treat the Anemia, Treat Skin Disorders, Treat Liver Disorder, Treat the Digestive Problem, Treat the Rheumatism and Arthritis, Treat the Menstrual Pain, Treat the Throat Disorders, Treat the Diarrhea

28g Cascara Sagrada Powder —Restores tone and health of intestines by stimulating peristaltic motion to break up and remove putrid waste in diverticula; stimulates stomach, liver,and pancreas secretions 

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