Cell Energizer Package In Herbs (Similar to Dr. Sebi’s Iron Plus and Viento) Revitalized, Cleanser & Energize The Body Cells

Cell Energizer Package In Herbs (Similar to Dr. Sebi’s Iron Plus and Viento) Revitalized, Cleanser & Energize The Body Cells

Cell Energizer (Similar to Dr. Sebi’s Iron Plus and Viento)

This combination is an iron-rich cell energizer, cleanser, and revitalizer. It delivers iron- and oxygenrich blood to the brain, nervous system, and lymphatic system, and it reduces cravings for additive substances. Cell Energizer is similar to Dr. Sebi’s Iron Plus and Viento. The Viento product contains contribo, which I have left out of the combination. Contribo has been found to be harmful to the kidneys if not used properly and should be administered by an herbalist. I used nettle instead of sea moss.

100g -QuassiaAntifungal, supports immune system and digestive tract is used for treating an eating disorder called anorexia, indigestion, constipation, and fever. It is also used to rid the intestines of various kinds of worms; as a tonic or purgative; and as a mouthwash. Some people apply quassia directly to the scalp for lice.

Hombre grande has been used in traditional medicine topically to treat measles and orally to treat constipation and diarrhea, intestinal parasite infections, and fever. It is used to stimulate the digestive tract and bile production, increase appetite, cleanse blood, and stimulate enzyme production.Hombre grande helps re-balance the flora in the digestive tract to support the immune system.

100g- Chaparral- Anti-inflammatory, relieves respiratory issues -tea has been suggested for the treatment of bronchitis and the common cold. It also was used to alleviate rheumatic pain, stomach pain, chicken pox, and snake bite pain. American Indians used chaparral for arthritis, bowel cramps, gas, colds, and chronic skin disorders.

100g-Valerian Root Relaxes nerves and supports oxygen delivery to the brain-  Insomnia. The most popular use of this versatile herb is, without doubt, as a sleep aid. ... Anxiety. The aforementioned GABA also helps to calm anxiety with its regulation of nerve cells. ...Pain Relief. Valerian appears to work directly on the nervous system as a natural pain reliever. ...Muscle Relaxant

100g- Stinging Nettle Leaf -General health tonic and blood purifier-  1. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Urinary Issues BPH symptoms are caused by an enlarged prostate gland pressing on the urethra. BPH sufferers experience varying levels of increased urges to urinate, incomplete emptying of the bladder, painful urination, post urination dripping and reduced urinary flow.

2. Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain Arthritis sufferers often experience joint pain, typically in the hands, knees, hips and spine.

3. Hay Fever Histamine production in the body creates the adverse reactions related to allergies. Allergies cause uncomfortable congestion, sneezing, itching and more.

4. Eczema is a dry, itchy rash that can last on sufferers for a very long time. Because of stinging nettle’s antihistamine and anti-inflammatory qualities, it can be a natural treatment for eczema, 

Stinging Nettle LeafPromote lactation, Stimulate hair growth, Help control blood sugar in patients with diabetes, Reduce bleeding connected to gingivitis, Treat disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract, Provide relief from water retention, Prevent or treat diarrhea, Decrease menstrual flow, Provide asthma relief, Heal wounds, Treat hemorrhoids, Stimulate contractions in pregnant women, Treat insect bites, Treat tendonitis, Treat anemia.

100g- (Hierba Del Sapo)  Yerba Santa Leaf -Anti-inflammatory, supports kidneys, regulates blood sugar- Sapo is used in traditional medicine to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood and arteries. Sapo is used to treat gallstones and kidney stones.

Yerba santa is used for respiratory conditions including coughs, colds, tuberculosis, asthma, and chronic bronchitis. It is also used for fever and dry mouth. Some people use it to relieve muscle spasms, to loosen phlegm, and as a tonic.

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