Triphala Powder Capsules From Dried Haritaki Fruit (100% Pure & Organic) 30 Count

Triphala Powder Capsules From Dried Haritaki Fruit (100% Pure & Organic) 30 Count

  1. Triphala powder alleviates constipationcleans bowel and normalizes the digestive system. In addition, Triphala benefits the body by detoxifying it without distracting the fluid-electrolyte balance. This is the major reason that Triphala is one of the most used and consumed herbal medicine in the world.

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Benefits of Triphala Powder

Triphala benefits digestion, corrects constipation, tones the gastrointestinal tract and purifies the blood. Furthermore, Triphala benefits in removing excess fats out of the body, nurturing voice quality, strengthening hair roots, enriching hair color and improving eyesight.

Moreover, Triphala powder has various liver and blood cleansing and nutritional properties. It contains anthraquinones that help in stimulating peristalsis. Triphala is quite rich in one of the powerful antioxidants, polyphenols, which reduces oxidative stress on the body.

In addition, the presence of high amount of vitamin C not only builds immunity but also helps in maintain good reproductive health in both genders and nourishes and strengthens the respiratory tract and the lungs.

There are numerous other benefits of Triphala powder as well. Some experts even suggest that the benefits of Triphala powder are more than any other Ayurvedic medicine. So, trust Triphala and forget diseases.

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