7 Dr. Sebi Approved Herbs Rich Iron For Sickle Cell Anemia With 2 Packs of Sea Moss

 7 Dr. Sebi Approved Herbs Rich Iron For Sickle Cell Anemia With 2 Packs of Sea Moss

Our system of nutrition goes even further. In addition to removing the accumulation of years of toxins, the African Bio-mineral Balance replaces depleted minerals and rejuvenates damaged cell tissue eroded by the acid, diseased state. The primary organs of elimination are the skin, liver, gall bladder, lymph glands, kidneys and the colon. If all toxins are eliminated from the above mentioned organs they will be recycled throughout the entire body, manifesting disease. Eventually the body breaks down in the weakest organs due to its inability to dispel the influence of toxins. The colon is the most important organ and must be cleansed by detoxifying before any disease can be reversed. If the colon is the only organ cleansed and detoxified the other major organs will be left toxic, thus leaving the disease in the body.  Click here to order colon cleanse herbs 

The Foundation is used by itself as a general cleanser or in tandem with other herbal combinations. The more combinations you use together , the more you will cleanse the entire body down to the intracellular level.

100g burdock root—Blood purifier, liver cleanser, kidney cleanser

100g yellow dock—Blood purifier, liver cleanser, kidney cleanser

100g sarsaparilla—Binds with toxins

100g elderberry—Removes pathogens

100g Chickweed —Rich in Iron

100g Nettle LeafDetoxify the body, Promotes healthy blood circulation

100g Dandelion Leaf 

2 3oz Packs of Sea Moss 


Sickle Cell Anemia Support Package



Burdock Root, Yellow Dock, Sarsaparilla, Elderberry, Chickweed, Nettle Leaf, Dandelion Leaf 

2 Packs Sea Moss - Instructions to make sea moss gel can be found on the package of sea moss (use separately from the herbs)

Method 1:(Preferred method-herbs only)

Mix herbs thoroughly in an herb grinder to make powder. The herbs can be ground together. Make 500 mg capsules or mix quarter-teaspoon doses of powder per cup of water. Take 3 times per day. 

Method 2: (herbs only)

  1. Add 1 tablespoon of each herb to a pot with 3 cups of spring water.

  2. Bring to a boil for 3-5 minutes or until the liquid is brown in color. 

  3. Remove from heat and cover with lid until cool (contents may be hot).

  4. Use a small strainer to strain into a mug or container.

  5. Drink one cup of tea three times per day. Makes 3 cups. 

Tea can be stored in a covered container at room temperature for up to 3 days.

Consume at least 2 to 3 tablespoons of sea moss gel per day. Sea moss gel can be added to smoothies, salad dressings, soups, porridge, etc. Consume these herbs and sea moss gel while eating only from the Dr. Sebi nutritional guide for best results.

It is the deprivation of iron fluorine. Sickle Cell Anemia is when the blood plasma has broken down by mucous into a sickle. Mucous sinks into the plasma, into the cell itself, breaks and disunites the cell. Removing the mucous the cell unites again. To maintain that level, you have to feed the patient large doses of iron phosphate. Not ferrous oxide.

Through this approach, Dr. Sebi has been successful in reversing diseases for decades such as AIDS, cancer, lupus, diabetes, and other "incurable" pathologies. If a food is not listed, it is strongly recommended that during your therapeutic treatment, you do not eat it.

Then you start feeding the body with iron phosphate below you find a list of alkaline herbs that rich in iron

Anamu (Guinea Hen Weed),

Blue Vervain


Callaloo (Amaranth, Jamaican Callaloo)


Concansa (Cancansa, Red Willow Bark, Cansasa)

Dandelion Elderberries


Lily of the Valley Sarsasparilla

Sarsil Berry-berry from the plant of the sarsasparilla.

Stinging Nettle

Yellow Dock

Sea Vegetables / Sea Weeds (eg. Seamoss, Bladderwrack, Wakame, Dulse, Arame, Hijiki, Nori)

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