African Jam Tours

African Jam Tours

How did Ank-Heru Kwaku end up in Ghana Africa since December 2020 from Jamaica? As you know family my favorite words are "Peace And Love African Family, Peace Love And Sunlight This Ank Heru From", And as you know the universe is made of words and numbers, therefore you know the more you repeat and affirm positive or negative words to your thoughts it will manifest itself.

I end you in Ghana because of with relationship problem and the lockdown in Jamaica and the only way to get away from this problem was to plan a "Dave Chappelle" to Africa and after doing some research i understand that Jamaica and Ghana as very close relationship and is even visa free. Please watch this video that explain the problems i have getting into to Ghana on the 22nd of December 2020. 

I now live in Ghana and create a company call Jam Tour & Taxi Services which we provide a number of services that can help you to relocate to Ghana, take trip to Ghana for us to tour you around, help you with business and investment ideas, Residency information. When first came the only person i know was my Airbnb host and i get treated like a family on how to get myself settle here, we remove all of that and will help you with whatever you need help with in Ghana, just book your flight. What if you don't have a US visa.

Click Here to see booking from Jamaica to Ghana 20 best visa-free countries to visit on a Jamaican  Passport

We offer the following services to we offer to you African family some even for free:

Airport Pickup/Drop-Off/Welcome

Cultural Tours

Night Life Tours

Shopping Mall Tours

Vegan Restaurant Tours 

Nature/Adventure Tours

Beaches & Water Falls Tours

Residency Information

Business/Investment Ideas 

Shipping & Logistic 

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Location: Accra, Ghana

Telephone/WhatsApp: +233 20 1093591 / +233 24 3188147


Instagram: @jamtoursafrica

You-Tube: Jam Tours Africa 

Facebook: Jamtoursafrica

Twitter: @jamtoursafrica

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